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3 Resources For Writing A College Paper

Everyone’s been there. It’s the day of class and your big paper is due. But you’re second-guessing yourself. Will that big paper get you that A? Or did you miss something that was crucial to impress your professor? What I bet you didn’t know is that there are three underutilized resources that your University offers that you might not have thought of for your paper.

Your University offers many different resources for you to have a better and more seamless college experience. Why wouldn’t someone want to utilize free tools that will get their job (College is basically your job as a student) done? By utilizing every resource available to you, you can increase your chance of not only getting a good grade on that paper but passing your class overall by several times.



Camus Libray

The first resource that should be crucial for any college student while preparing for their paper is undoubtedly the Library. In this age of technology, we tend to take the physical locations for granted to take up the ease of using the overpriced piece of hardware that we bought for the semester.


The Library not only provides great informational resources, but it also includes resources like microfilms, videos, audio, as well as the Librarian, who could assist you in locating that one piece of information that fell through the cracks. Besides the obvious research benefits, the library tends to also provide free wifi, others who you could collaborate with, and quiet spaces where you can get into the right mindset to tackle that paper. Let’s also not forget that for those that don’t have computers on hand, there are typically some provided for free use in the library.



Campus Writing Center

The Writing Center is the next place on our list. This resource (that for some reason many students either don’t know about or if they do, don’t utilize) is crucial to any student who is trying to impress their professor. They not only provide guidance on how to structure the paper, but they also provide staff on hand to edit and provide insight into anything that you might have missed. They also tend to offer free writing courses to help you fine-tune your writing skills to make you into an assassin at the art of writing.



Professor Office Hours

The underutilized resource students tend to overlook is easily your professor’s office hours. I can’t stress enough at how valuable this could be. What better way to find out what your professor is looking for than to just ask him yourself? Your professor wants to see you succeed just as much as your parents do. He can undoubtedly guide you in the right direction that you should be heading.

There are probably many more resources that could be utilized by students on a daily basis that will better themselves. These were just three of the resources that we’ve noticed aren’t being utilized enough even though they’re so valuable. Whether it’s the Library, Writing Center, or your professor’s office hours, you would be a fool to not utilize everything available to you to pass.


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